Legend of Kaldi

There are several legends about the possible origin of coffee. One of the most accepted and popular is that of Pastor Kaldi, who lived in Absynia (now called Ethiopia) about a thousand years ago. This legend tells us that while Kaldi watched his goats, they realized that they were quite cheerful and bouncy, and that this extra energy was evident whenever they chewed the yellow / reddish fruits of unknown shrubs. The shepherd also realized that these fruits were a source of joy and motivation, and that only with their help could the herd manage to walk for several kilometers and endless climbs.

When a Monk from the area was in transit, Kaldi commented on him about the behavior of his animals, which in turn also decided to experiment. The monk picked up some fruits and took them with him to the monastery, beginning to use them as an infusion, because he realized that this drink helped him to stay awake. Evidence shows that coffee was grown for the first time in Islamic monasteries in Yemem.