The benefits of coffee with scientific support:
1. Improvements at cognitive level, vigilance and concentration, reaction time.
2. Increased metabolic rate and thermogenesis
3. Reduction of Alzheimer’s disease up to 65%, dementia and Parkinson’s between 32% and 60%
4. Control of blood sugar (if drunk without sugar) and decrease the risk of contracting diabetes between 23% and 50%
5. Increased physical performance and stamina
6. Liver protector reducing the risk of cirrhosis up to 80%
7. Reduces up to 40% risk of liver cancer and colorectal cancer by 15%
8. Reducing the risk of depression
9. Reducing the risk of heart attack
10. Increased longevity
11. Powerful anti-oxidation effect
12. Reduction of inflammation

Coffee, after water, is the most consumed drink in the world. This immediately makes coffee the main source of antioxidants most consumed. In its composition we find several phenolic compounds that have many health benefits. Sometimes considered villainous, the truth is that coffee (quality) can even be a fantastic functional drink.
There are people who do not tolerate caffeine and for these reasons should avoid coffee, especially when it affects the nervous system causing tremors and insomnia. For all others, quality coffee (organic) and consumed in moderation, can and should be part of a healthy and functional diet.
An adult, not sensitive to coffee, can drink, for health benefits, about 100mg of caffeine per day. Of course the caffeine that comes from a drink like “cola” will never be an option.
The concentration of caffeine varies greatly from the type of grain and how it is processed. This can match slightly more than 2 espresso coffees 1 large cup.